liquidsoap cue and crossfade metadata

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, in 09 May 2016

You can easily control cue and crossfade points per song in liquidsoap using metadata via the annotate protocol. Namely there are 4 variables you can pass as metadata, liq_fade_in, liq_fade_out, liq_cue_in, and liq_cue_out. These do what you would expect.

However, you can also use the annotate protocol even if you aren’t using a textfile playlist. If you are using request.dynamic you can pass a string containing the annotate metadata to request.create.


You have to use some operators on your source to actually get the crossfades and fades to apply however. You’ll need cue_cut and one of the crossfade operators (crossfade or smart_crossfade).

Assuming you have assigned a playlist or request.dynamic source to backup_playlist:

source = cue_cut(backup_playlist)
source = crossfade(backup_playlist)

This opens up quite a few possibilities in my mind. For example you could assign per-track fades or cue points in a database, fetch them via an API or similar in liquidsoap and use the annotate protocol with request.dynamic to have per track fades/cuepoints.

I’m using something like this in my own project right now, where I get all the information for the next track, including fade and cue points, via an external ruby script:

result = list.hd(get_process_lines("rbenv exec bundle exec ruby ./next_song.rb"))
json = of_json(default=[("error","fail")], result)
track = json["track"]
cue_in = int_of_string(json["cue_in"])
cue_out = int_of_string(json["cue_out"])
fade_in = int_of_string(json["fade_in"])
fade_out = int_of_string(json["fade_out"])
annotate_line = "annotate:liq_fade_in=#{fade_in},liq_fade_out=#{fade_out},liq_cue_in=#{cue_in},liq_cue_out=#{cue_out}:/home/liquidsoap/tracks/#{track}"

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